December 27 2018
After years of silence, Danish underground duo Greenville
Massive returns with a 4-track EP on Swedish house label
Seaweed Records. 3 originals with Greenville’s signature sound
that sits somewhere between authentic deep house and
melancholic electronica. The release is finished off with a
remix by Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk.

October 25 2018
Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk are back with a new EP on Seaweed Records inspired by the blood moon in July. Deep harmonic vibes with a warm and heavy punch, just like the moon. Also on the EP two great remixes by Markus Homm and Mathias Hinds.

September 12 2017

In became out, no factory no maze but our movement continues and our dance goes on. You shut us down but we don't shut up, all love for Stockholm Techno City.

July 31st 2017

Seven remixes have risen from the deep, feel the seaweed rhythm.

February 21st 2017

Every winter tells a story and this is the Seaweed tale. Echoes from the darkness, destined for the light.

December 30th 2016

 Seaweed sums up the year with a remix from Patagonia. With a lot of grit and depth from the heart Patagonia captures the magic in Copilco's Corals.

September 29th 2016

Yoba and Seaweed starts the autumn with 3 dark and cinematic techno transits. Atmospheric, bass booming and trigger happy.

August 18th 2016
Seaweed Daytime Sampler 2

Our interpretations of the Swedish summer vibe. Joyful techno and melancholy house from Seaweed with love.

Mars 28th 2016.
Patagonia - Jesus is Coming EP SEAW007

Jesus Is Coming EP features four tracks transmitting heavy kick drums, hypnotic grooves and sinister textures. Simply a one way ride on murky tracks.


February 11th 2016.
Seaweed Winter Sampler SEAW006

Seaweed Winter Sampler is a soundtrack created hand in hand with the midwinter frost. A compilation of magic silver moments in a winter wonder la la land.


December 11th 2015.
Patagonia - Oracle EP SEAW005

Deep and twisted techno, a journey inspired by unexpected off-beat sounds melded with the ever-evolving rhythms of electronic music.

Patagonia is Swedish music project conceived by Bäcksvart, Mathias Hinds & Simon Kiisk.


September 13th 2015.
Axel Hjertman - Spring i Skog EP SEAW004

Nature's organic baselines combined with the unpredictable movement of the wind. This 2-track EP from Berlin based producer Axel Hjertman is a direct whisper from the forests of Sweden.


July 17th 2015.
Seaweed Daytime Sampler - SEAW003

A sunny collaboration from the Seaweed family and friends. 


June 21st 2015.
Umani - Chiroptera EP - SEAW002

Umani are a music production partnership. The contemporary movement of techno, oriental- and film music influences them. Based in Stockholm and London, Umani start their productions solo and finish them together. Living like wayfarers they use other places than ‘home’ as their momentary studios – their lifestyles keep them inspired.

Hypnotic melodies and dark basslines with an oriental touch summarizes Umanis new EP. Once again Umani delivers.


June 8th 2015.
Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk - North of Lefiseo EP - SEAW001

Seaweed Records premiere release is presented as a 3-tracked EP from Bäcksvart and Simon Kiisk that explores the vibrations between Minimal, Techno and Jazz. The tracks varies in style but the similarities in sound and concept combines the EP to fulfill most hours of the day.